Born in 1965 in Istanbul, Ayse has a B.A. in Business Administration.
She is an accomplished vegetarian cook and an inspired botanist.  

Ayse and Selahattin moved to Cirali Village in 1993 from Istanbul, to manage FLORA Pension and Health Food Restaurant, for the next six years.  

Their main interests are the many aspects of natural healing and cooking, the practice and education of environmental protection, organic farming and the botany of the Mediterranean Flora .

The couple felt the need to take action as they witnessed the impact of mainstream tourism in areas of pristine environmental purity.  

Born in 1955 in Istanbul, Selahattin is a photographer by profession. He is a skilled landscape gardener and an organic/botanical grower.

In search for the perfect land to preserve and multiply the rich Mediterranean plant variety, they covered an area of 80.000 km. within seven years. They studied, photographed and created an archive of a multitude of local plants.  

They deepened their practical knowledge by attending eco-tourism and organic farming workshops organized by WWF at Cirali Village.  

Hundreds of flowers, trees and shrubs they grew from seed, or they harvested and multiplied, are now on their way to re-connect with the earth at FLORA Mediterranean Garden.