The land has been bought and the access road is finished.
Many of the plants have been planted.

Architectural planning, building of the main house, preparation and fencing of the garden areas, water, and electrical connections are in process.  

The building of guest houses, irrigation systems, restaurant and other amenities will continue throughout the 06-07 season.



An exhibition site for Mediterranean, exotic plants, trees and cacti.

* Restaurant

* Pond

* Herb garden



. Individual guest houses

. Kitchen and restaurant areas

. Communal buildings

. Residential housing

. Greenhouse

. Yoga, meditation, tai-chi, performance platform

. Dark room

. Music room

. Handicraft workshop

. Library

. Laboratory  






Your personal and institutional contributions to our primary needs will help realisation and sustainability of this project.

* For eco-buildings...
( Volunteers' house, library, workshops etc. )

* For infrastructure...
( Electricity, water, phone etc. )

* For landscaping...

* For road repairing...

* For fencing...



As FLORA Mediterranean Garden, our priority is to undertake long term precautions towards the protection of natural resources. Waste materials will be minimized and recycled as compost. Resources will be used economically. Reliance, as much as possible, on renewable energy sources such as wind and sun is going to be our focus. Our aim is to create a sustainable system.

We wish to give back to nature more than we take from it. 





The cooperations with the following instutions are welcome.

* Universities

* NGOs

* Private instutions

* Governmental instutions

* Press



We would like to thank all our volunteers up to now.

All volunteers are welcome for the garden and office work.

We also look forward to contributions from students and scolars of related departments, as well as people who are interested in arts and philosophy.