. To participate in worldwide efforts to protect bio-diversity  

. To provide guests with a sanctuary where they can renew their relationship with nature and attend inspiring workshops .  

. To create an educational botanical garden featuring plants of the Mediterranean flora, as well as exotic plants and trees that grow in the region.  

. To support projects and activities in the field of natural/holistic living practices.  

. To offer a field laboratory for the studyof Mediterranean botanical plants.  

. To organize environmental programs for children.

. To provide a model of sustainable living based on the practices of eco-tourism and organic farming.


FLORA Mediterranean Garden welcomes lay and professional people who offer their teaching skills in the following subjects:  

. Nature-trekking, photography, botanical walks

. Survival practices

. Art and music therapy, sculpture, painting, pottery  

. Yoga, meditation, dance, tai-chi, aikido, chess, gymnastics  

. Personal management and development workshops

. Traditional food preparations, farming and handicrafts  

. The art of gardening and medicinal plant studies  

. The study of the constellations, bird watching  

. Awareness building games for children and young adults.